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All About Private Wells and Septic Systems - Real Estate Podcast

July 1, 2021

Private septic systems, wells and well water quality systems can be very expensive to repair or replace. If you're buying or selling a home served by a private well or septic, you'll want to listen to this podcast. 

Todd Sachs, Sachs Realty's Broker, interviews Well & Septic Expert, Eric Garrett of Home Land Environmental to discuss what you should inspect and expect with these systems. Eric get's technical, but also does a very good job of explaining what you should look for.

Many homeowners neglect their septic systems systematic maintenance and things they flush down the drains. A failing septic isn't always a quick fix. It can cost $500 to $40,000 in some cases. Your well..., well (pun intended), this is what you're using to cook, drink, bathe and more. You should be concerned about water quality, ground water contaminants, soot, supply, pumps and systems among other things to keep your home running safe and efficiently.

Sellers should be prepared for the buyers inspections and buyers should always get well and septic system inspections.

If you would like to watch the video version of this episode click here: YouTube Video