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Understanding The Home Inspection - 10 Top Concerns

December 27, 2020
Hiring home inspection companies and what to look for! In this Episode, Broker, Todd Sachs interviews US Inspect Executive VP, Tim Shelton, to uncover the 10 top home inspection concerns when buying a home.
Home inspection companies should be licensed to perform home inspections and the buyers should always accompany the inspector to learn about the home they are contracted to purchase. You'll hear both the sellers and buyers side of the process, as Sachs and Shelton each offer their professional opinions along the way.
Sellers, in this video, you'll understand what the home inspectors are looking for, and to the buyers out there, beware of what you're getting yourselves into with your purchase. This home's physical, as Tim states, is a snapshot in time of what repairs may be in your near future.
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